Saturday, October 31, 2009

#52: Olvera Street

Photo from wikipedia

"Isn't it technically just a small alley, not a street?"

That's the first thing I thought as I wandered down Olvera Street in Chinatown. If, like me, you visited Olvera Street ignorant of its history, you could have easily thought, "What's the big deal? There's a bunch of toys for sale, some tacos, a churro cart, sombreros..."

I should have done my research...

If you've never been to Olvera street, it's worth a visit. Its uniquely festive atmosphere and historical significance sets it apart from any other place in L.A.. Oh, and when your tummy starts grumbling, stroll on over to the heart of Chinatown for some dim sum.

Olvera Street


  1. GREAT SITE! Love it! I've got something similar - but I got to admit, the "365 Days in L.A." theme is awesome.

    Here's my take on Olvera Street, and a bit more on the "backstory"

    Cheers -

  2. Thanks for the comment and the link, David! Experiencing L.A. is awesome!