Saturday, October 10, 2009

#33: Take an Enrichment Class at Santa Monica College

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So I've already graduated from college (and grad school...), but somehow after all that learning I still found myself back on campus. This time the campus was Santa Monica College, and I was there to take a percussion class. You're never too old to learn.

And in our small class of 20 people, I wasn't even the oldest--there were also a nice elderly Japanese woman and another older gentleman who had been taking the class for several years! Every morning I woke myself up at the break of dawn (ok, it was only 8 am, but that was early for me at the time!) and took the free shuttle to the SMC campus for my 9am-12 pm class. I apologize to my professor for all the yawning I did in class--it was definitely not indicative of the quality of his teaching. The class was great, the campus was lovely, and the price was just right.

Go ahead and nurture your inner nerd. There's lots of classes to choose from, and it's practically free!

Santa Monica College

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