Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#29: Museum of Death

Welcome to the jungle. You're gonna Diiieeeee!!!!

As Axl so eloquently put it, you're gonna die. I'm gonna die. We're all gonna die. I hope you don't die before checking out the
Museum of Death, though; there is no better way to make you feel alive than a brush with death.

Now here's the test. I'm gonna throw out a few words and I want you to analyze your response:

Dismembered bodies. Embalming. Human cannibalism. Serial Killers.

If your reaction to these words are "Ewww. Gross.", then do yourself a favor and stay away from this stretch of Hollywood. However, if your response is "Oooh!" or "Hmmmm", then DON'T READ ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS PLACE, DON'T LOOK AT PICTURES ON THE INTERNET, just GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!

Why, you ask? Because this type of museum is much better experienced with a blank slate. Reading about it and looking at pics takes out all the element of surprise. Take for example, the two-headed ________ they have on display here. Well, half of the stuff on the internet talks about the two headed ___________, so it really wasn't a surprise when I saw it. Ho-hum. If I hadn't read about it beforehand (Don't peek!), my reaction would have been something more along the lines of "Eeegads!".

Same with the messed up drawings done by ____________, the graphic video of ________ and the infamous outfit worn by __________. See? Now I've got you interested. So stop reading now and take yourself to this crazy museum.

The details: It's $15, credit cards accepted, and open until 8. Parking is free, the place is not very busy, and you can easily spend over an hour here. The owners are also quite friendly and have two adorable dogs that roam the museum.

They were having a hearse convention outside!
Check out the license plate.

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