Saturday, October 24, 2009

#45: Fright Fair At Pierce College

The demon guarding the Creatures Of the Corn Trail

Halloween is coming and I'm sure you've considered going to Knotts Scary Farm or Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. If you're looking for something a little under the radar, however, check out the Fright Fair at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. It's put on by the students at Pierce College, and it's so scary, it will turn your hair grey!

I couldn't believe the production that these kids put on. For $25, you can get access to the regular corn maze, the Creatures of the Corn Maze, and the Haunted House. Due to time restrictions, we opted for the $20 package, which allows you access to just the Creatures of the Corn Maze and the Haunted House.

We went on a weeknight, and the place was not crowded at all. It kind of lent a "deserted carnival" type of feel to the place, making it even more eery.

The Creatures of the Corn is a haunted trail through the corn fields. There are lots of creatures hiding in the corn waiting to jump out and scare you. They aren't allowed to touch you, but they still manage to frighten you quite a bit. At one point, a guy jumped out with a chain saw and I screamed and ran. Brad, however, kept walking at his normal slow pace and I soon found myself all by myself in the corn. In the dark. It was quite frightening, and I cried for Brad. Haha. The whole trail takes about 5 minutes.

The Haunted House, believe it or not, was even scarier. You will be having nightmares of evil clowns, zombies and demons after leaving this crazy house of horrors. Btw, the Haunted House is not a place for epileptics--there's a lot of flashing lights everywhere that are meant to disorient you.

Does all of this sound too scary for you? Well during the day there's a regular (unhaunted) corn maze, games, bouncy castles, kettle corn (so good!) and much more.

You have just one more week left to catch this great fair. Go on a weekday to beat the crowds.

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