Thursday, October 8, 2009

#31: The Getty Villa

Photo from tripadvisor

I took Latin in high school and while in class I would sometimes dream about what it would be like to live as a Roman Emperor. You think the mansions in Beverly Hills are big? Roman emperors have baths the size of those houses. So when I came to the Getty Villa in the Pacific Palisades, imagine my delight when I realized that my dream had come to life.

While the art is great, the best part of the Getty Villa is the atmosphere and experiencing what it's like to live as a wealthy Roman. Of course, your villa wouldn't be overrun with tourists taking pictures, but it's close enough.

It goes without saying that the Villa and the regular Getty are must-sees for every tourist and person who lives in L.A.. Bring a camera, wear your best toga, and be prepared for a great day

Photo from tripadvisor

Visit their website (The Getty Villa) to book free tickets in advance. You need a reservation to see the villa.

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