Saturday, October 3, 2009

#26: Los Angeles County Arboretum

Peacocks rule at the
Arboretum. You see them everywhere, you accidentally step in their feces, and just when you think you can relax, one sneaks up behind you and lets out a ear shattering squawk. Underneath those pretty feathers are some seriously scary birds!

Despite my frightening feathered friends, I couldn't help falling in love with the Arboretum. It's smaller than Huntington Gardens and less crowded. This translates to a wonderfully intimate time where you really do feel like you've escaped from the big city. The icing on the cake is the
Fantasy Island house and lagoon. Da plane! Da plane!

Don't miss the
carp, ducks and turtles in the lagoon, and the vine "house". Bring your camera; there are amazing photo opportunities everywhere (hence the tourists with massive lens cameras and the FOUR wedding parties taking pictures).

Brad inside the vine "house"
Beautiful flowers
The House from Fantasy Island
The Lagoon
The Gazebo
Duck, duck...

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