Saturday, October 17, 2009

#39: L.A.'s Best and Biggest Salad Bar

They had me at dandelion greens. And whole endive leaves. And avocado prepared 4 ways.

Salads are the lunch of choice for most health conscious Los Angeles west-siders. I'd been on a Whole Foods salad bar kick that had been eating a hole in my wallet for months--that is, until I finally tried
Mrs Winston's salad bar. This is the ULTIMATE salad bar experience.

Mrs. Winston definitely wears the "Best Salad Bar in L.A." crown securely on her alfalfa/clover/onion/broccoli/fenugreek sprouted head. With a plethora of options to choose from , this is the perfect salad bar for someone looking for a healthy yet delicious lunch. The staff are friendly, and if you can guess the correct price on Fridays, you get your salad free! Also, they are now open on Sundays till 5 pm. Limited seating outside. Go now! You'll never be bored of eating salad again.

Brad's crazy salad

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