Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#36: A+D Museum

I went to the A+D Museum on museum row, only to find out that they were closed and moving to a new location a block away the following week (6032 Wilshire, to be exact). No problem; LACMA and the tar pits across the street were plenty to keep me busy.

Fast forward a week, and find me scratching my head at the new location wondering where this so called "museum" was.. All I saw was a small room. "A+D Gallery" would have been a more appropriate title. Once I got over the initial surprise, however, I was actually quite thrilled by what I found in this tiny space.

The exhibit that was running at the time was called "Upcycling". It was
art work made out of recycled material. The pieces on display included a Spock made out of spools of thread, a chair made out of stuffed pandas, and a paper cut-out hanging that was just breathtaking.

The best part is that this "museum" is free. I'd advise to come on a Sunday (it's open 1-5 pm), check this place out, and then walk down Wilshire to the Craft and Folk Art museum, which is also free on Sundays. Museum row is a great place to get your weekly culture fix all condensed in one block!

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