Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#49: Will Rogers Park

Photo from wedding mapper

I've bragged a little on this blog about my specialty: walking (see Huntington Gardens and Venice Canals). I'm pretty confident that I can out-walk the lot of you, and yes, you can take that as a challenge (It's a walk-off!). Put a big mountain in front of me, however, and that's a whole other story.

Luckily, Will Rogers Park in the Pacific Palisades is a perfect hike for a hiking rookie like me; I didn't break too much of a sweat but I still had a sense of accomplishment when I reached Inspiration Point.

The trails are easy to follow, the Ranger gives you a map when you get there, and there are not very many people (we saw about 10-15 people on our entire hike). There are also horse stables and some historic buildings in the area.

Instead of paying the $8 parking fee, park on one of the side streets a few blocks away. Hey, you get to start your hike a little early.

Will Rogers Park

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