Sunday, November 1, 2009

#53: The Bunny Bunch

Willow and Panorama

Improve your karma; support your local animal adoption service by adopting an animal, volunteering your time, or making a donation. One service for you to consider on your karmic quest is The Bunny Bunch, based in Montclair.

The Bunny Bunch
is like a rescue agency, adoption service, and match-making center all in one. Yes, I said match-making. This is the Eharmony of the bunny world.

What many people don't realize is that despite the bad rap bunnies get for being incessant breeders, they are actually among the more conservative creatures of the animal world. They
mate for life. They are monogamous. They don't get drunk on a Friday night and have a one night stand. So no cheap 1-900 hook-up service would do for my pious little boy bunny Willow. No, we needed the best.

I came to the Bunny Bunch looking for a
life partner for my handsome bun. In the span of a month, we took him from "date" to "date". Sometimes it was speed dating. Other times he took his time wining and dining the ladies. A cute Siamese bunny had potential, but when we took her home she started nipping him. Another potential, a humongous furrball of a bunny, was cute to look at but may have been a little too much woman for my little guy.

Just as we were starting to lose hope, in stepped
Panorama. The instant we saw the adorable white unicorn lop with big brontosaurus-like paws, we knew she was The One. The Bunny Bunch in West LA went above and beyond, lending me a play pen for the newlyweds, giving a huge bag of free hay upon adoption, and always being there for advice when I needed it. Now the pair are inseparable.

If you can't adopt a bunny from The Bunny Bunch, the next best thing is to volunteer your time. They set up shop all over L.A. at pet stores like Centinela Feed, and they need people to help set up the pens, play with the rabbits, and educate the public about these furry friends. They also accept donations on their website.

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