Sunday, October 25, 2009

#46: Point Dume Tide Pools

photo from flickr

Pronounced "Point DOOM" (I always hear DUM DUM DUMMMMM whenever someone says the name), Point Dume is really not as scary as its name sounds...Unless you consider starfish and sea anenomes scary (actually, sea anenomes are kinda scary with their creepy tentacles that make your fingers numb).

photo from travel

Even with sea anenomes, it's worth a trip out to Malibu to see the tidepools at Point Dume. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear. You'll be walking on sharp rocks and descending a steep flight of stairs to get to the pools. The parking lot only has a handful of spaces, but neighborhood parking is available--just be sure to read the signs. Click here to find out when the low tide is for the day, pack a picnic, and have fun searching for sea critters!

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