Thursday, October 29, 2009

#50: Spaceland (now called the Satellite)

Photo from wikipedia

Arcade Fire, Secret Machines, The Shins, Bloc Party, The Killers, The Decemberists, and Arctic Monkeys are just a handful of the bands that Spaceland in Silver Lake was the first to book before most Angelenos ever heard of them.

I can thank Spaceland for turning me onto many a "no name" band, which--lo and behold--later became famous. For less than $10 (and free on Monday nights), you can catch some of the best local indie bands here live and get close to them while you're at it (mmm, smell that beer breath). I would recommend going on Mondays, even if you don't know who the band is. After the show, you and the cute boy you met there can take a stroll along the reservoir. ;)

The Happy Hollows holds the Monday residency in November. They're a great band--check them out.

Also on my radar for this week, Warpaint.

** Update: Spaceland is now called the Satellite. Don't worry--same indie bands, same beer breath ;) **

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