Friday, October 9, 2009

#32: UCLA Planetarium Show

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Nerd that I am, I went to UCLA's planetarium show on a weekday evening to get schooled on brown dwarves (they're objects in space, silly).

What?? UCLA has a planetarium?!

Yes and it's free on Wednesday evenings. But don't come expecting a Griffith sized planetarium; this thing only holds 50 people.

The show is free and it's
an hour long, with the first half being a lecture/slide show and the second half being a look at the constellations and stars on the giant dome screen. Come EARLY because they close the doors right at 8 pm, and the place is packed with beginning Astronomy students getting extra credit. They also don't let you in after they close the doors, so the banging won't help, people. You snooze you lose.

The lecture had the potential to be as dry as Mars, but what made the evening so entertaining was our speaker, who was a UCLA grad student in Astronomy. He kept everyone laughing throughout the hour show..with this subject matter, that's hard to do!

The best part is that after the show you can go to the top floor of the Math and Sciences building and look through their giant telescope. Tonight it was focused on the craters of the moon, and the view was just out of this world.

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