Thursday, October 1, 2009

#24: Craft and Folk Art Museum

I admit, at first I was skeptical about the Craft and Folk Art museum...When I hear "craft" and "folk", I imagine tie dye, hemp jackets and dream catchers. I was almost gonna leave after checking out their world-market gift shop, but then spotted the "free admission on Sundays" sign. FREE? I'm there!

"There" turned out to be two rooms on the second and third floor; this museum is tiny. The second floor room held colorful and vibrant art work by
Mithila women in India. The third floor was the clincher, though; I was immediately intrigued by the dioramas and art work up there---they that had such an eerily dark quality to them. This is craft/folk art? I love it! Don't miss the "asylum theater". Goosebumps.

You are in luck because from now until the end of the year, this place is FREE on Sundays. Otherwise, you'll have to pay $5, or $3 if you're a student/teacher/veteran. It's worth checking out!

P.S. This weekend only, many museums around L.A. are having free admission. Check it out!

Mithila Art from Indian women

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