Monday, September 14, 2009

#6: Do a Triple Gelato Run

Bulgarini gelato. Strawberry Chilli, Dark Chocolate, Zabaglione.

The best gelato in L.A. can be found in 3 places:

Bulgarini Gelato in Altadena... Bulgarini is my favorite gelato shop. The flavors are so fresh and vibrant, and though the selection is small, everything is made of quality ingredients. The zabaglione (custard and Marsala wine) is my absolute favorite flavor, the cantaloup is ambrosial, and the strawberry with red hot pepper is sweet, then burns on the way down. Divine!

Scoops in East L.A... Scoops is known for their bold and creative flavors such as honey lavender, pistachio fig, strawberry balsamic, brown bread, and pear and champagne. Scoops is never afraid to try unusual flavor combinations.

Pazzo Gelato in Silver Lake... When I lived on the East Side, I had Pazzo gelato at least once a week. The Dark Chocolate with Grey Goose, Strawberry, European yogurt, and CHEESE gelato are top in my book! Yes, I said CHEESE gelato. The mascarpone, chevre, any cheese flavor that they concoct are out of this world.

So my challenge to you is to do a
triple gelato run. Yup, you heard me; visit all three of the best gelato shops in LA. in one day. Get ready for a sugar rush like you've never had before. Sure, you might get temporary brain freeze, but you'll be in gelato heaven.

Bulgarini Gelato, Scoops, Pazzo Gelato

Scoops Gelato. Pumpkin Pie in the foreground.

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  1. i have been to palazzo gelato many times. i used to work around the corner from there and i remember when they first opened. great little shop in a great area. =)