Saturday, September 19, 2009

#11: Kayaking in Long Beach

The place: Kayaks on the Water in Long Beach.

Our destination : Jellyfish grounds.

I am usually not the outdoorsy type, but once you prod me, I will begrudgingly get off the couch and do some "exercise". In this case, "exercise" consisted of me sitting in a two person kayak taking pictures while the other person paddled like crazy. Thanks Brad ;)

It didn't take very long to paddle out to the jellyfish grounds--about 20 minutes. When we got there, I was astounded; there were hundreds of jellyfish all around us!

Now who would have thought that you could actually hold a jellyfish? The species of jellies that live here don't sting, though they do make your hand feel a little tingly.

Fran with the jellyfish

After some great photo ops and witnessing one of the kids near us capsize while he was trying to grab a jellyfish, we finally decided to head back.

Kayaking in Long Beach was an amazing experience. You get wet, you may even sweat a little, and in the end you leave with a smile on your face and the memory of a tingly hand.


  1. I live in Long Beach but have no idea where the jellyfish are! Could you tell me where you went to see them? I've rented Kayaks from Kayak on the water before.

  2. Hey Michelle, I would get directions from the people at Kayaks on the Water once you rent your equipment. This is what I can vaguely remember: from the Kayaks on the Water rental station, you paddle to the left down the main river, then you take another left down a narrow path that dead ends. That's where the jellyfish are. I would definitely ask the Kayaks on the Water people though! Sorry I can't be of better help.