Sunday, September 20, 2009

#12: The Bunny Museum

Have you ever encountered something so bizarre that it simultaneously scared and amazed you? Welcome to the Bunny Museum of Pasadena.

I own two bunnies, and I seriously love them, but I promised myself I would never start collecting bunny paraphernalia after stepping out of this place.

The Bunny Museum is smack dab in the middle of residential Pasadena. That's because this "museum" doubles as a house. Not sure which house it is? Well just look for the
giant bunny hedge sculpture ala Edward Scissorhands.

We got there at the same time as a family of 5, all of us bearing gifts of veggies and treats for the 3 bunnies that live in the museum/house. When I first got in, I really was taken aback; every square centimeter of this place was crammed with bunnies from floor to ceiling. There was literally no space for more!

Brad in the stuffed bunny room

How did all this bunny madness begin? The husband and wife decided to give each other a bunny every day as a token of their affection. Well, they are coming on their 17th year together... Assuming they are together until ripe old age, how will they fit any more bunnies into this place? Where's Clean House when you need it?

These are the owners' previous pet bunnies that are now stuffed.

Ok, well it was not all "mess". In fact, there was actually a method to the madness---the bunnies were organized into sections:
the bunny puzzle section, the bunny themed food section, the stuffed bunny room, etc. The coolest part of the museum was their deceased stuffed pet bunnies that they keep in a glass case. Are ya creeped out yet?

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