Thursday, September 24, 2009

#16: The Jimmy Kimmel Show

It was my dream as a little girl to see the guitarist Slash perform live, and Mr. Jimmy Kimmel finally made my dream come true. Too bad they didn't allow cameras inside for me to document it. Here's the 411:
A couple of weeks before the show, I went on 1iota dot com to get Jimmy Kimmel tickets. I was happy to find out that the show is taped right on Hollywood across from the Chinese theater, hence no long drive to Burbank. I got there about 30 minutes early, and thank goodness I didn't get there any later; the line was already really long. The earlier you get there, the better seats you will get, obviously. Sadly, I ended up in the second to the last row.
After impatiently listening to a basketball player and some unknown actor chat with Jimmy, it was time for the big show. They ushered us out the back into an open parking lot where a huge stage was set up. Scott Weiland did his weird squiggly dance moves, but during the entire show my eyes were focused solely on the man with the big hat. 
If you are coming specifically for a music act, I would suggest getting the outside tickets instead of the inside tickets. With the outside tickets, you watch the studio show from monitors in the parking lot. The benefit is that you get prime spots to see the outside show!

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