Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#1: The Sony Picture Tour

It's always fun to play the "L.A. tourist". It's something I try to do often because I get to discover all the weird and wonderful sides of L.A. that most residents have either forgotten about or are unaware of. If you're an incognito-tourist like me, but are tired of the usual tourist destinations, you'd enjoy the Sony Pictures Studio tour.

The tour is
$28 per person and takes place 4 times a day from Monday to Friday. The last tour time is at 2:30 pm.

Our tour had about 30 people in it and was led by a funny guy named Will whose encyclopedic knowledge of Sony Studios could have put Ben Stein to shame. While you wait for the tour to start, you can walk around the lobby area where they have costumes from
Ghostbusters, Spider Man, The House Bunny, and other fine films that Sony pictures has done.

Our tour started off with a short film. After that, Will led us across the street to the actual lot. He took us all around to a bunch of different stages and buildings. One stage was getting ready for a pilot taping the next day. Another was where they record sound effects (it looked like someone's cluttered attic). We also went into the recording studio where
Somewhere Over the Rainbow was recorded. Along the way, we spotted a few minor celebs, and saw the head of Sony Studios walk through one of the lobbies that held the Oscar statues!

The best part of the tour? As we're walking to one of the sound stages, I spotted him! Yes HIM! Mr.
Adam Sandler in the flesh with his adorable little daughter. As we walked past him staring and gawking, he waved and said Shalom to everyone.

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