Monday, September 21, 2009

#13: Sunset Ranch Hollywood Stables

Bored in L.A.? How does horseback riding just underneath the Hollywood sign sound?

I came to Sunset Ranch Stables in Hollywood for the hour ride (any longer and I would have been hurtin for days!) and got paired with a nice small horsie named Crystal.

Ah, poor little Crystal--she was slower than the other horses, and when the guide told me to kick her to make her catch up, she would trot for three seconds and then go back to her normal slow walking. Come to think of it, she kind of reminded me of myself when I am forced to exercise.

On the way back to the stables, the kicking had no effect whatsoever. But despite my slow compadre, I had a blast.

One last thing--they don't take reservations. You just show up and wait ten minutes or so and then they take whoever's there out. Giddyup!

A group picture

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