Monday, November 9, 2009

#61: Griffith Observatory

On a Saturday afternoon, we made the trek out to the Griffith Observatory in Los Feliz. We parked on the hill and took a 5 minute walk up to the observatory.


The Planetarium show: This ain't your granny's planetarium show. This is one jaw-dropping, Star Trekking, I'm-gonna-be-sick-and-throw-up-in-a-good-way, mind blowing RIDE. Well, yeah, it's not technically a ride, but if you've been to this, you know what I mean. I felt like I was on the starship Enterprise. See "Centered in the Universe" (Tickets are $7)

-The view; it feels good to breathe
fresh air for once.

-The periodic table with the actual elements inside.

-Did I mention that it's FREE?

I'm embarrassed that it took me this long living in L.A. to check this place out. I've gotta come back at night to see the stars and to catch the other two Planetarium shows. There's a
cafe too, featuring Wolfgang Puck takeout if your tummy starts rumbling.

Periodic Table of Elements

The Cafe

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