Sunday, November 29, 2009

#82: L.A.'s Independent Movie Theaters

photo from fbala

L.A. being the movie capital of the country, it's only fitting that there's a movie theater everywhere you turn. While
AMC, Pacific, and the other big movie chains do good business, it's always a more "personal" experience visiting an independent movie theater. The Downtown Independent, the Silent Movie Theater, and the Vista are popular theaters among the indie crowds.

One of my favorite theaters actually straddles both worlds. With stadium seating, memory foam cushions and multiple screening rooms, the Landmark Theaters at Westside Pavilion provides "big theater" amenities while specializing in indie films. Outside of the theater are rotating displays of the actual costumes worn in the films being shown. Furthermore, there's a wine bar and the newly opened Westside Tavern right next door. The best part about the Landmark is you can buy tickets online and reserve your seats days in advance. Recently, I saw This Is It and Where The Wild Things Are here right when they came out. No waiting in line, no fighting for seats... It was all taken care of by the online system.

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