Saturday, January 16, 2010

#99: Cooportunity Speaker Series

The Cooportunity is a cooperative natural foods grocer located in Santa Monica on 16th and Broadway. Whenever I visit the Coop (usually to gawk at their enormous raw foods section), I always see fliers at the cashiers advertising a weekly speaker series. The talks are held at Sha'arei Am Santa Monica Synagogue every Monday from 7-8:30 pm and are free to the public.

When I saw that there was a speaker on the healing powers of raw foods, I decided to finally check it out. I arrived at 7 and the place was packed with an eclectic bunch of people. The talk was about an hour long with questions and answers at the end.

Previous talks have included "Preventing and Controlling Diabetes & Heart Disease without Drugs," "Wisdom and Healing Power from the 'Other Side'" and "Creating Mandalas to Promote Calm During the Holidays". Keep an open mind and check it out!

Click here for a full schedule of the talks for the next two months.

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