Sunday, January 31, 2010

#105: The Santa Monica Stairs

One of my new years resolutions was to start exercising. So far so good--I've been sticking to my plan and I've been feeling great! And while Fit TV has become my favorite channel, sometimes you need to feel the sun, breathe the fresh air (or somewhat fresh air...) and just be outside.

My friend Kelly brought me to this wonderful spot--the Santa Monica Stairs--nestled just south of the Pacific Palisades. These stairs are busier than those at Baldwin Hills and they're smaller too. Don't let that fool you though. Go up and down two or three times, and I'm sure your legs will feel wobbly.

There are two sets of stairs--concrete and wooden. We did the wooden stairs. The woodsy smell, the shade from the overhanging foliage and the ocean breeze made it an enjoyable work out.

The stairs are located on 4th St and Adelaide Drive. Street parking is free and plentiful (just read the signs) so put on your workout shoes and feel the burn!

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