Friday, January 29, 2010

#104: The Groundlings

Photo from daily bruin

Phil Hartman, Kathy Griffin, and Cheryl Hines
are just some of the many notable alumni of The Groundlings, an improvisational comedy troupe based here in L.A.. This is where Paul Reubens first showcased his Pee-wee Herman character, and where cast members and writers of SNL, Reno 911 and MADtv tested their comedic wings.

Looking at all of the pictures of notable alumni on the walls of the lobby, I was in awe of the talent that performed on that small stage. There was also an article on the wall that was interesting. It was about the rules of improv---"always confirm what your fellow actors say, never negate anything" was a good one. Another one--"never play a child... they don't know a lot and thus the person playing the adult has a heavier burden."

The show we saw was "Hold Me Closer Tiny Groundling" which featured a number of hilarious skits and improv scenes. What set this evening apart from the Upright Citizens Brigade show (#103) was the live band that added to the scenes (especially the finale improvised musical scene) and filled in the dead space between skits. The comedians were top notch and you could tell they really gave every performance their all. Check it out--the show is Friday and Saturday evenings. Tickets are $18, but you might be able to get them on Goldstar for a discount.

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