Monday, January 4, 2010

#95: Celebrity Homes Tour

Photo from monogramstravel

There's nothing that screams "L.A. tourist" quite as much as going on a Celebrity Homes tour in Beverly Hills. When Brad's parents were in town a while back, we all hopped into a tour van with a bunch of other shutter-happy tourists, and were treated to one of the funniest tour I have ever been on.

Our tour guide used to be a chauffer for many old Hollywood celebrities, and he was not shy about gossiping about this person and that person. He engaged us with random trivia questions and facts, and while I know that he didn't mean to be funny most of the time, he continuously said things that kept Brad and I cracking up in the back of the van for the whole tour.

After driving past a bunch of celebrity houses (including the Playboy mansion!), we headed back to the meeting spot where our car was, and were dropped off. Total, it probably took about 2.5 hours.

There are many tour companies in L.A. that offer celebrity home tours. Check out these links as starting points:

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