Monday, October 15, 2012

#243: The Original Farmers Market

What are these? Tacos for ants? Well whether you're a hungry ant or an indecisive human, you'll drool over Loteria Grill's 12 piece mini taco sampler. Each mini taco is loaded with a different topping, such as cactus salad, chicken in mole sauce, and mushrooms with epazote.

Loteria Grill has restaurants all over the city, but there's no better place to enjoy your bite sized taco platter than at their stand at the Original Farmers Market.  

The Farmers Market is located at The Grove on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax. Just how original is this Farmers Market? It was created in 1934! Old school.

Unlike other farmers markets, this one is open everyday and has permanent shops which sell sushi, crepes, sausages, nuts, pastries, toffee, ice cream, and much more.

When you're finished with your tacos, ride the free trolley around the rest of The Grove and get your shop on!

The Original Farmers Market

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