Sunday, October 7, 2012

#242: Lower Arroyo Seco Park

As a new parent, I find that my mind and body are often at odds with one another.  In my mind, I envision myself taking my little girl on fun filled adventures everyday. My sleep deprived body, however, says... Um.... Uh.... Zzzzz... 

Take last weekend. After spending Saturday sprawled on the sofa, Brad and I vowed to at least take our girl to the park on Sunday. Sadly, our tiredness won out yet again and our front lawn became the "park". Yeehaw. 

This weekend I told myself "Mind Over Body!" and was determined to get out and do a nature walk. Kelly encouraged me to check out the Lower Arroyo Seco Park in Pasadena. The walk takes you along a river bed and under beautiful bridges, including Colorado Street Bridge. It's also on fairly flat ground, making it great for the out of shape and weary. The pictures on Yelp looked amazing, so when our little rooster woke at 6 am, we hit the road. 

We started our walk at the parking lot which can be accessed at the corner of South Arroyo Blvd and Norwood Drive.  

Turn when you see this sign and follow the road down to the parking lot.  

at the beginning of the walk

heading north toward the bridge

The walk starts at the archery range and takes you north along the concrete channel towards the Colorado Bridge.

You can walk along either side of the channel, but as you approach the bridge, get to the right side (the left side dead ends).

Once under the bridge, you'll have to go up a semi steep dirt hill to continue along the path, so this is not a walk for strollers or high heels.  Continue walking and you'll find yourself under the 134 freeway.

We continued walking a little more, and then turned back around. This KCET article outlines our 1.4 mile walk.  If you want a longer walk, I found this L.A. Times article that describes both a 3 and 7 mile walk you can take in the area. 

When we left around 10 am, the lot was full and there was a line of cars waiting. I think this was due to Saturday morning archery practice. So if you plan on going, you might want to avoid this time or just park on the main street and walk down.

I loved Arroyo Seco Park and only wished I had more time to explore it. While we were there, we saw a lot of joggers, hikers and dog walkers, but in no way did the park feel crowded. It's the perfect urban nature getaway! 

Have you been to Arroyo Seco Park? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below! 

Arroyo Seco Park


  1. I did this walk last year! It's great! Especially when you reach the bridge. It's amazing just to look up from that point!

  2. yes i loved the bridge part too. want to walk up the stairs to see it closer next time!

  3. Such a beautiful baby, A must try for my fam. are strollers okay?

  4. Thanks! The path is flat until the bridge--so this part is doable with a stroller, but it might be a little bumpy because of small rocks. If want to go past the bridge and see the lake with the ducks and go under the 134 freeway, you have to go up a semi-steep hill which a stroller couldn't do.

  5. Hi! I just came across your amazing blog. This is seriously a genius concept! I'm originally from L.A., but I moved to nor-cal to study. I get homesick at times so this is just perfect. Plus, I get to tell all my friends back home the cool secret places to go for an adventure :D I will never be bored when I'm back in LA ever again lol. I hope you will continue to blog even beyond the 365 days :)


  6. Thanks so much for the compliments Yura! I just took a look at your beauty blog--it looks so informative and pretty! I will have fun reading the posts... Have fun exploring L.A.! :)