Monday, October 1, 2012

#240: Culver City Farmers Market

What do Culver City's Farmers Market and my husband have in common? They're both short but have plenty of personality

This market is one block long on Main Street between Culver and Venice Blvd. It's open on Tuesday from 3-7pm and there's free parking right near the market.  

Kelly invited me and my little girl to walk around the market last week, where I purchased some coconut juice straight from the coconut, a Korean sticky rice dessert, and beef jerky

Kelly snagged a couple of cobblers from the cobbler lady and a gourmet balsamic vinegar.  

It's impressive how many booths they fit onto this stretch of Main. There were booths selling bakery items, hummus and dips, cactus tortillas, smoked meats, crepes, artisan chocolate, jewelry, gourmet Korean food, fresh seafood, knife sharpening, plenty of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and wild mushrooms. There was also a clown, and this guy playing music for little kids:

Even though this farmers market is quite small, I like the quality of vendors who sell here (the seafood booth is expensive but fantastic!) and the friendly atmosphere of downtown Culver City. 

Have you been to the Culver City Farmers Market? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below!

Culver City Farmers Market


  1. I haven't tried the Culver City one but have you been to the Playa Vista Farmer's Market? Its small but very intimate and not as crowded. It isn't too far from Culver City so you should check it out!