Sunday, December 13, 2009

#89: Super Sized Whole Foods

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I've found the Mother Ship!
Stepping into the Venice Whole Foods, the first thing that hits you is that this store is humongous; an SUV could navigate the aisles (hybrid of course). And then there's the deli section... I could eat here every day for a year and not eat the same thing twice. I also must have seen four or five security guards walking around; it's nice to know that I'm safe when perusing the vegetable aisle.

Travel 15 minutes south, and you'll find another monster of a Whole Foods in El Segundo. There are dining areas within this Whole Foods! Sectioned off areas designated as "The Grill" and "Wine/Tapas Bar" have nice tables and cushy seating in the middle of the store. The hot foods/salad/deli section is as gargantuan as the Lincoln Blvd store, and they carry items that I have not seen in other W.F.s.
Whole Foods

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