Thursday, December 3, 2009

#86: Eames House

After we stopped by the Eames Office in Santa Monica, the friendly woman working there pointed us towards the iconic Eames House, aka Case Study No. 8 House just off of Chautauqua Ave in the Pacific Palisades.

Once there, we were treated to a short tour of the grounds. You can't exactly step into the house itself, but all the doors are open so you can see inside. The Eames had such vision; it's amazing how a house built in 1949 can still look so modern fifty years later. The house was built as Charles and Ray Eames' home and studio. The level of detail they put into it is remarkable.

Visitation is free, although a donation is recommended. There's no parking on site, so just park on Corona Del Mar and walk a couple minutes. Also, fyi, although the address is 203 N Chautauqua Blvd, it's actually on a tiny side street off of Chautauqua.

from the original Santa Monica Pier

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