Wednesday, December 2, 2009

#85: Eames Office

Some people go crazy over sports, some over politics.. I flip out over chairs.

Stepping into the nondescript Eames office in Santa Monica, I spotted what would be my dream waiting-room: an entire collection of Eames chairs--all empty, all calling out to me to be sat in. Oh, and I sat. And sat. And sat. I felt like Goldilocks, except every chair I tried was "just right".

The Eames Office is really an office, gallery, museum and gift shop in one. You can peruse the displays and learn about the history of the Eames family, sit in original Eames chairs (not the plastic ones...), and purchase some cute holiday gifts... We were helped by a really friendly woman who gave us a lot of additional information and even pointed us towards the historic Eames house in the Palisades.

The Gift Shop Area of the the office. Yes, that's an Ikea bookcase.

So I didn't leave with a $3700 lounge, but I did pick up the Eames House Of Cards which is just about the coolest deck of cards I'd ever laid eyes on. It comes in small, medium and large sizes (mediums are shown in the pic at the top), and would make the perfect present for the architect and design lover in your circle. Buy the cards (or even better, a lounge chair) here.

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