Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#200: MOCA

As the city's only museum dedicated solely to contemporary art, MOCA is a must-see for anyone living in L.A., and a fitting #200. Founded in 1979, the Museum of Contemporary Art is home to over 5,000 works of art and has three locations around the city: The Geffen Contemporary, MOCA Grand Avenue, and the MOCA Pacific Design Center.

You have probably heard about their Art In The Streets exhibit which is running until August 8 at the Geffen Contemporary in Downtown. Thanks to Banksy (see #160: Street Art Scavenger Hunt), this exhibit is free on Mondays! Just be sure to come before 2 or 3 pm, because when we left at that time, there was a really long line to get in.

This was such a vibrant exhibit--it seemed like every nook and cranny of the museum was covered in street art. Even the bathroom stalls had graffiti!

While we were waiting in line for the bathroom, the guard scolded everyone for leaning on the art. Sure enough, on the wall outside the bathroom was graffiti. We were completely oblivious to it. When else will you be scolded for leaning on graffiti?

If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend visiting Art in the Streets before it closes on August 8th. General admission is $10. Students and seniors are $5 and children under 12 are free.

Be sure to also visit MOCA's permanent collection, which takes you on a chronological journey through art's major movements of the 20th century. The permanent collection is located at MOCA Grand Avenue.

Have you been to MOCA? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below!


  1. Yea !! #200. We're so proud of you. This is another place we want to see when we come visit you and Brad. You need to be in the tour business and have very personalized tours.Both of us really enjoyed seeing the museum through your eyes.