Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#199: The California Surf Museum

Just as Johnny Depp is a man of many faces, Brad is a man of many sighs. There's the "I just woke up from falling asleep on the couch while watching t.v." sigh, the "Why do our bunnies shed all over the house" sigh, and the "It sucks that I have to wait another week to see what happens in Breaking Bad" sigh. The loudest and longest one of the bunch, though, is the "There's no waves today" sigh. When I hear this sound, I know it's a sad day.

"No surf today?" I asked last Saturday after being awoken by his exaggerated exhale. "No. Man, this sucks. What are we going to do?" After some internet research, we found the next best thing to a morning surf session: a visit to the California Surf Museum in Oceanside.

The California Surf Museum was founded in 1986 and features vintage photos, videos and surfboards of all sizes and shapes. My favorite display was of Bethany Hamilton's surfboard, which has a chunk bitten off by the shark that attacked her. What an inspirational girl!

the gift shop

The museum is currently featuring a new exhibit called Transitional Thinking: A Short Story 1966-1972 which is a retrospective on the evolution of the surfboard. In addition, there is also a display on skateboarding, a gift shop, and a cool outdoor installation called the "Secret Spot." The $5 adult entry fee is a great deal for a fascinating history lesson on the sport of surfing.

The museum is open daily from 10 am-4 pm, and till 8 pm on Thursdays. No photography is allowed in the museum except at the Secret Spot.

More Surf Museums around L.A.

Surfers Walk of Fame in Redondo Beach (not a museum, but plaques along the beach honoring the pioneers of surfing)

Have you been to the California Surf Museum? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below!

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