Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#180: Culver City Architecture Walk

When I saw 10 Great Walks on the cover of the recent issue of Los Angeles magazine, my heart skipped a beat. Did I mention that walking is my specialty?

Reading through the article, I was excited to see one of my favorite Westside walks (#7: The Venice Canals) featured among the ten. Of the others, the one that sparked my curiosity the most was the Architecture Walk in Culver City.

My architecture-loving friend Kelly joined me on this expedition, and she informed me that this whole area was designed by a visionary architect named Eric Owen Moss. The area is known as Hayden Tract and is now home to a lot of businesses.

Start your walk at Samitaur Tower on the corner of National and Hayden. Built in 2010, the Samitaur Tower has both a futuristic and aged look to it.

Just a few yards south on Hayden is the What Wall? which was built in 1998. It reminded me of a modern day beehive with a view:

Keep walking south on Hayden and on the same side of the street you will encounter Stealth, a monstrous black building that looks like it doubles as a Starship.

Toward the south end of Stealth, you will see this:

There's a guard station through there and you can walk in and view more neat looking buildings, including the Umbrella:

When you are finished exploring this little area, cross Hayden and keep walking South until you get to this cool cactus garden:

According to LA Mag, the cacti are raised 35 feet in the air to get a lot of sun. Who's the lucky person who gets to water these guys?

From here, you can go back the way you came, make a right on Steller Drive, a left on Eastham Drive, and a left on National. On National you'll see The Box:

and The Beehive:

The whole walk is only one mile and circles a large block. The estimated time recommended by LA Mag was 1 hour, which I found pretty accurate.

View Culver City Architecture Walk in a larger map

Have you been on the Culver City Architecture Walk? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below!

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