Monday, April 11, 2011

#167: Road Trip to Zion, Utah

Canyon Overlook Trail

Utah seems like a world apart from L.A., but did you know that it's just a 7 hour road trip away? Spring is the perfect time to visit Utah because it's not too hot and the bugs aren't out yet. If the pictures in my last post inspired you to take your own Utah road trip, then it's your lucky day: here's an itinerary for your journey!

Day 1: Leave L.A. and drive 4.5 hours to Las Vegas. Spend the night in Vegas. There are hotels on Expedia and Orbitz for as little as $15 a day. OR do like we did and drive 7 hours to Zion in one day.

Day 2: Leave Las Vegas and drive 2.5 hours to Zion. Hike the Watchman Trail (3 miles, moderate) and Riverside Walk (2 miles, easy) and spend the night in Zion. Great places to eat: Whiptail Grill, Oscar's Cafe, Parallel 88. Our hotel cost about $130/night, but you can find cheaper places.

Day 3: In Zion, watch the visitor's center video, hike to the Upper Emerald Pool (3 miles, moderate) and do the Canyon Overlook Trail (1 mile, moderate). Grab lunch in Zion, then drive 2 hours to Bryce. Go star gazing in Bryce National Park, and spend the night. The Best Western Grand is a great place to stay in Bryce, and it's about $85/night.

Day 4: Watch the visitor's center video in Bryce Canyon National Park, then hike the Queen's/Navajo Loop trails (3 miles, moderate). Drive a short distance and hike the Mossy Cave/Waterfall trail (.8 miles, easy), then keep driving for 1 hour to Escalante. There are cheap motels and bed and breakfasts in Escalante. Spend the night.

Day 5: Rent a jeep from Escalante Jeep Rentals if you don't have a high clearance vehicle. (This is expensive... over $200/day. Call in advance to reserve.) Then head about an hour east to explore Spooky and Peekaboo Gulches (the slot canyons) and Devil's Garden. Spend the night in Escalante.

Day 6-7: Drive back toward Zion (3 hours), stopping in Red Canyon for a short hike or pictures. Then spend the night in Zion, or you can keep going to Las Vegas (3 more hours of driving) and spend the night there. Head back to L.A..

Here are more pictures of Zion...

Riverside Walk

Watchman Trail

Watchman Trail

There are lots of little shops selling rocks and glass just outside of Zion National Park

Our hotel in Zion

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