Saturday, March 19, 2011

#163: Corral Canyon Loop Hike

The Corral Canyon Loop begins at the Sara Wan Trailhead in Malibu right next to Malibu Seafood and Deli. When I say "right next to," I mean "turn into the parking lot for Malibu Seafood and Deli". Hopefully you won't miss it the first time and have to turn back like we did. Adjacent to the deli's parking lot is a small parking lot for the trail. You can either park there for $5, or do what we did and park on PCH for free.

This unshaded, relatively deserted hike is a 2.5 mile loop. I read that it is the only canyon in the L.A. county-side of the range that is undeveloped from the top of the ridge to PCH.

At the very beginning of the hike, you will have to cross a small stream.

After this, you will reach a fork in the trail. Either way is fine since it's a loop, but we took the left one. Soon we encountered the remnants of an old chimney.

The trail continued uphill and then wrapped back and went downhill. I noticed a narrow trail to the left that went up to a ridge, so we took that and were treated to a great view of the ocean and PCH.

We continued toward the ocean and this smaller trail met up with the main one and took us back to the parking lot.

This is a short hike, so it would be great to pair it with a trip to the Point Dume Tidepools. Just be sure to time it with low tide (which we forgot to do!)

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this info on the Corral Canyon Trail! I have been so curious about it whenever I go to Malibu SeaFood! I will definitely try it before out lunch next time ; )

  2. You're definitely welcome. Have fun and let me know how you like it! :)