Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#160: Street Art Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weekends ago, Brad and I were about to run boring Saturday morning errands when I asked him if he wanted to go on a surprise expedition instead. Jolene's Surprise trumped BB&B, so we got on the 10 East, drove past the 110 junction, and got off in an industrial area of east L.A..

After many "where are we going?"s, I pulled up to a nondescript building and there were a couple of other people there taking pictures of one of Banksy's latest works in L.A.. This is actually one of two remaining from his last run of L.A.. His caution sign and pyro Charlie Brown were stolen, the crayon soldier was vandalized then painted over, and the elephant tank on PCH was purchased (seriously?).

Next we went north, seeing Mr. Brainwash's storm trooper Oscar tribute to Banksy's nomination for Exit Through the Giftshop . We also visited the giant Dalai Lama mural off of Melrose by Mear One.

For your own street art scavenger hunt, start here:
1. 1549 East Washington Blvd, 90021
2. La Brea near San Vicente
3. Alley south of Melrose on Spaulding

Then visit the street art blog Melrose and Fairfax to find more art around the city. Add your picks to this list and have a scavenger hunt of your own!

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