Thursday, January 27, 2011

#152: Attend an Art Opening

Last Saturday night our friends took us to an art opening at Bergamot Station. I thought it would be just a small event, and I was surprised when we were told that the huge parking lot was full. It turned out there were at least two art openings at Bergamot that evening. It was difficult to even get inside the first gallery; there were people crammed from wall to wall. I spotted Jonathan Gold in the mix. The second gallery we visited was the CoPro gallery--the one we came for. They have a spooky exhibit called Conjoined in 3-D, which is running until February 12th. Visit my friend Fran's blog to see more pictures.


I don't usually go to art openings, but the ones that I've attended have been a bit bizarre for some reason. This one was no exception. In addition to creepy art, they had live music and food trucks outside. Click on the link below for a calendar of art gallery openings near you!

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