Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#148: Sullivan Canyon Hike

Our friend Arthur frequently takes his dog walking in Sullivan Canyon. Brad and I decided to join him this weekend, and we instantly fell in love with this gorgeous shady hike. Although you don't get a panoramic view, the golden leaves and the twisting streams that frequently cross your path make it feel like you've escaped the city.

The Sullivan Canyon hike starts at the end of Queensferry Road in Brentwood. From Sunset, turn north on Mandeville Canyon, right at Westridge Road, left on Bayliss Road and veer left on Queensferry. Park for free on Bayliss or Queensferry Road. It's a 10 mile loop, but we decided to just turn back around since the sun was setting and none of us wanted to do a serious hike.

There weren't very many people around, and most of those who were there were either with dogs or on bikes. The path was flat and wide. The only "tricky" part was the giant concrete "waffles" on the ground near certain parts of the stream. (They were actually only tricky for Brad--for some reason he kept tripping on them. :P)

This setting brought out the little kid in me. I think it was all the stream crossings. I ended up running/skipping/galloping most of the way and jumping over each crossing. It was really easy to run since it was shady and flat, so I would love to come back here for more exercise.

Who lives here?

On our way back, we saw a beautiful house on the top of a cleared hill. It looked like a painting. Does anyone know who lives there?

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