Saturday, August 14, 2010

#129: X-Games

Cam Sinclair's double back flip. This trick put him in a coma a year ago.

This year was the seventh consecutive year L.A. hosted the summer X-games. Brad got VIP passes through his work, so he took Friday off and we headed downtown.

When he told me we were going, I was actually just as excited about the free food as the actual competition. The VIP area of the Staples Center had a whole buffet spread with bacon wrapped hot dogs, sliders, chinese food, dessert and tons of other stuff. We watched the motocross "Step Up" and "Best Whip" competitions there. We also caught the women's Vert skateboard finals and the men's BMX Vert finals at the Nokia theater. During the men's bmx vert, one guy popped out his shoulder twice! I didn't realize there would be so many injuries and people falling down... It made for an intense day!

If you don't have a VIP pass, you can just buy tickets either online or at the door. I think tickets for each event might have been around $15-20, and parking was $20 right across the street.

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