Saturday, June 29, 2013

#260: Gymboree Play and Music

Hey loyal readers of this blog, I'm sad to announce that we're moving from L.A. to Hawaii in a couple of days. It's a bittersweet move since I've got so many places bookmarked that I have yet to do and see in L.A.. However, the show will go on... I'm still posting until I hit 365, so don't go anywhere!

This post is for all the new parents out there... It's about a magical place where you can catch bubbles on the tips of your fingers, where kids never tire of rainbow colored parachutes, and where clowns aren't scary at all.  I'm talking about Gymboree Play and Music. For the past 6 months, my girl and I have been spending oh, about 95% of our time here, and it's been her favorite place to be. 

What makes Gymboree such a special place? It's the girls who work here. I am beyond impressed by how cheerful and friendly they always are, how they know everyone's names who walks through the door, and how they're always patient and nurturing with the kids. 

I also love how the floor at Gymboree is padded, which provides my girl a safe place to fall and practice her crawling and walking skills. They change the floor plan every two weeks to make the place seem like a whole new gym for the kids. And their class makeup policy is very flexible, which is a bonus if your kid's naps are all over the place (like mine). 

For $74 per month, you can enroll in a weekly 45 minute class. To add more bang for your buck, you also get unlimited "Open Gym" membership where you can take your little one for free play. I've met so many great parents this way whose little ones are about the age as my girl. 

Definitely check this place out if you're a new parent--it will save your sanity and your kid will love it. If you're not sure whether Gymboree is for you, you can try a free class.  Thanks for the memories Gymboree! 

Gymboree Play and Music


  1. Thanks for the tip, and congrats on the move. You will be missed, but enjoy the Aloha State.

  2. You will be missed :-( Please keep your blog open.