Friday, February 8, 2013

#254: The Gagosian Gallery

Coloring Book, Jeff Koons

Remember the basketballs floating in an aquarium at the Broad Art Museum (#4)? The artist behind those basketballs, giant balloon dogs, and an awesome gold statue of Michael Jackson and his monkey is Jeff Koons

Koons' piece titled Coloring Book is currently showing at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. I'm so glad I paid it a visit because it's even more impressive in person!

Frank Gehry's Fish Lamps 

Admission to the Gagosian Gallery is free to the public. The current exhibit is on the lower level, and also features Frank Gehry's beautiful Fish Lamps.  

Frank Gehry is best known as the architect behind the Walt Disney Concert Hall  (#102). For more Gehry, see his house (#235) and Binocular Building (#142)

Gehry's sketches of Fish Lamps

During our visit, the upper level was closed off and contained pieces for private viewing. Undeterred, Brad's dad asked for a private viewing and they showed us the upstairs as well! Worth a shot :)

The docents at the Gagosian Gallery were very nice, and they assured us that photography was ok. 

Since it doesn't take very long to see everything in the gallery, I would combine this outing with something else in the area; the Sprinkles ATM and Beverly Gardens Park (#238) are just a block away.

The Koons and Gehry pieces are on display until February 14th, so be sure to stop by--the gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Have you been to the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below!

The Gagosian Gallery

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