Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Spring Picnic in L.A.

Finally, a full week of sun!  Spring is here in L.A.!

Whenever I think of Spring, I think of bunnies, wild flowers, waterfalls, and picnics. Recently a reader asked me if I could recommend unique picnic spots around L.A.. After searching through my archives and my mental file cabinet, I came up with this list of places. Looks like this weekend is perfect for a picnic.

The Old L.A. Zoo

Griffith Park is a natural place to have a picnic. The Old L.A. Zoo in Griffith Park combines the beauty of the park with the coolness factor of eating in one of the old animal enclosures.

Greystone Park and Mansion

The grounds of Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills are beautiful, making it a popular spot for movie filming and weddings. While you can't go inside the mansion, the front lawn is huge and usually empty, making it a great spot for a picnic.

Lake Balboa

I think cherry blossom season is just winding down at Lake Balboa in Van Nuys, but you might be able to catch the tail end this weekend. At the peak of the season, the lake is surrounded by breath taking cherry blossom trees. There are lots of picnic tables surrounding the lake. On the weekend it can get busy.

Barnsdall Park

Barnsdall Park in Hollywood is the location of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Hollyhock House. With breathtaking views, it's the perfect spot for a picnic. If you're lucky, the art gallery will be open for your enjoyment.

Lancaster Poppy Fields

They are having a rough season, but are hoping the recent rains will bring the poppies to full bloom. Check here for updates. When I went a few years back, there weren't a lot of picnic tables, but we pulled to the side of the road and had a nice picnic lunch on the hood of our car. 

Other Places to Check Out:

Burton W. Chace Park in Marina Del Rey

Hollywood Bowl You can't go to the Hollywood Bowl without packing a picnic! Enjoy music and food in this beautiful open air amphitheater.

Malibu Bluffs Park Have a picnic with a view of the Malibu coast.

Where do you like to picnic in L.A.? Leave me a comment below!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration - love it!

  2. Thanks so much!!! I can't wait to try some, or all, of these spots out!