Thursday, March 8, 2012

#228: The Automobile Driving Museum

On a sleepy street in El Segundo just a block from the Boeing headquarters, you'll find the Automobile Driving Museum (ADM).  If you're a fan of cars, you've probably already been to the Nethercutt Museum (#106) and the Peterson Automotive Museum. Compared to these larger, more well-known museums, the ADM seems tiny. So what makes the ADM special? The fact that you can actually ride in the cars!  

The perfect car for the golf enthusiast

Brad and I visited the ADM last Sunday. After paying our $5 donation, we walked around the large warehouse space that houses all the vintage cars. One of my favorite cars was this stunning old ambulance:

I bet this beauty had no problem stopping traffic

Another one of my favorites was this guy:

You can fry eggs on this 1982 DeLorean 

On Sundays, the museum gives free rides in some of their cars. The cars that are available to ride in change weekly, so check on their website for the schedule.

One of the museum cars waiting to take visitors on a ride

One thing that surprised me was seeing how massive the cars were back in the day. Today's SUVs are ants compared to these mammoths:

Forget about parallel parking

When viewing most of the cars in the warehouse, you have to stay behind the yellow line and can't touch them. However, there was one car on display that had a "photo op" sign on it, so Brad took the opportunity to unleash his inner speed demon:

One of the things I love about vintage cars are the diverse hood ornaments.  They're like the cherry on the ice cream sundae:

We had a great time at the ADM. There were a lot of friendly docents walking around ready to answer any questions we had. There was also a small museum store near the entrance. 

Street parking was free and easy to find. The museum was not very crowded, and it didn't take long to see all the cars since it was just one big warehouse space. I would definitely recommend going on Sundays to take advantage of the car rides.

Check out the license plate :)

Have you been to the Automobile Driving Museum? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Yes I agree, that beauty had no problem stopping traffic! What a beautiful cars pics! Amazing simply!