Friday, June 17, 2011

#188: The Super Serious Show

photo by Wei Shi (

As if Westsiders aren't spoiled enough, now we've got gut-busting comedy, free booze and gourmet desserts every third Thursday of the month for only $10. Yep, you better mark your calendars now for The Super Serious Show in Culver City. Thank you to Facebook fan Marshall C. for the awesome tip.

Last Thursday's show was hosted by Natasha Leggero and featured Greg Fitzsimmons, Rob Delaney, Andrew Donnelly and Kielly & Roeters. Doors opened at 7, and by 7:45 Smashbox Studios was packed, standing room only. (btw, Smashbox Studios deserves a special mention--the cleanest comedy joint ever. Westsiiiide!) The crowd was great, the setting fantastic, and the comedians top-notch. Energy drinks and candied popcorn passed out like party favors as we were leaving made it feel like Hanukkah in Culver City and sealed the deal that I'll be back for more next month.

Next show is July 21st. Check it out!

Daniel Tosh at May's Super Serious Show
photo by Wei Shi (

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