Thursday, February 17, 2011

#156: Eagle Rock Hike

Not to be confused with Eagle Rock the city, Eagle Rock the hike is located in Topanga Canyon not far from the Red Rock Canyon trail (#151). This is a stunning, breath-taking hike that has become one of my favorites (thanks for the recommendation Dan! :) ). The cherry on the gelato sundae is Eagle Rock itself--a mammoth precipice jutting out dangerously over the canyon. It's insane. This is not for people afraid of heights!

We parked on the street just outside of the lot for free, but if that's full you can also park for a fee in the lot. There were a lot of people parked there, but there are so many trails that you can take from the trail head that the hike didn't seem overly crowded. No dogs are allowed on this hike. There is also no shade on the way to Eagle Rock, so bring protection. It took about an hour to get there. Once we were on the rock, we explored the little caves and crevices. Our expert hiking buddies Mike and Michelle were more surefooted than I was, and they went through a narrow hole to explore the other side of the rock.

Little hole for little people to climb through

Pictures don't really do the view from Eagle Rock justice. It was both beautiful and frightening. Standing on a rock shelf that was only a few feet wide and looking down made me a bit dizzy! We saw one girl almost lose her water bottle as it slipped out of her hands and skidded to a stop just inches from the cliff edge.

Outside I'm smiling but inside... *Gulp*

Instead of going back the way we came, we decided to take the Musch Trail back. It seemed a little longer, but it was shaded (yes!). There were hardly any people on it as well, so it was the perfect trip back (except for the rattle snake that eyed us). The round trip took about 3 hours including our pause on the rock.

That's Eagle Rock in the distance!
Getting closer...
Guy sunbathing on the rock

cave spray painted gold
shady Musch Trail on the way back

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