Monday, September 20, 2010

#134: Mar Vista Farmers' Market

A couple of our friends always go to the Mar Vista Farmers' Market on Sundays and for the longest time I had been wanting to check it out. One visit, and I'm hooked. This has become my favorite west-side farmers' market for the following reasons:
  • It's not nearly as crowded as Santa Monica's two farmers' markets
  • Lots of hot food vendors (empanadas, ribs, quesadillas, omelettes, crepes)
  • Lots of cheese/dip/hummus vendors
  • All vendors practically forcing samples on you. You could seriously get full on just the samples!
  • A few all-organic stalls (not as much as Santa Monica, but still enough for what I need)
  • Live jazz band
  • Picnic tables and chairs
Brad got an apple sausage quesadilla and I got a raw Oaxacan zucchini lasagna. Then we got a bunch of produce including a giant watermelon that was perhaps the juiciest I have ever tasted. We had no idea how to choose a watermelon (I know it's supposed to sound "hollow", but what does that really sound like?), so a kind woman shopping near us gave us a three minute lesson on choosing watermelons. Now I can tell the difference between a dead thud mimicking as "hollow", and a truly resonant hollow sound. (Brad, on the other hand, still insists that they all sound hollow :P)

The farmers market is pretty close to Mitsuwa, so we just parked in front of Mitsuwa and then walked across the street. Definitely check this place out if you're tired of fighting for parking or space on the lawn at the S.M. market!

Sundays 9 am-2 pm

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