Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#121: Mother's Day Shopping at Handmade

Photo from yelp.com

Handmade in Sherman Oaks is a mother's dream: A craft fair in a store! As its name suggests, everything in this massive store is made by hand by craftsmen and women around L.A.. Handmade is a work of love, and you can feel it the second you step in its doors.

Its easy to get overwhelmed here, but just take your time and enjoy. There's something for everyone, which makes it a perfect place for gift shopping.

Things I've gotten/received as presents from Handmade:

-Old fashioned wrapping paper kit complete with matching stickers and ribbons
-Glass spider ornament for an arachnid loving friend
-Modern looking ethnic wooden bracelet
-Floral art stationery set for my mom that came with 50 tear out cards, each with a unique floral drawn design
-Necklace with little leaves embedded in glass

Other gift ideas for Mother's Day:

-Etsy: An online handmade shop where you can purchase items from thousands of sellers worldwide
-A Magazine Subscription: O, Real Simple, Bon Appetit?
-Abbot Kinney Shopping : Lots of cute mom-friendly stores here

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