Sunday, February 21, 2010

#111: Road Trip to Vegas

While we're on the subject of road trips...

Most people in L.A. have taken the 4 hour long road trip to Vegas at some point, and there is far too much to do in Sin City than can fit in one post. Here are just a few of my favorite Vegas destinations...

The Liberace Museum: Two museums in one! They are across the parking lot from each other. One houses his pianos and cars while the other one displays his crazy costumes. Really fun museum--a must see.

Mermaid Lounge and Aquarium: See sting rays, sharks and other fishes up close in a giant circular shaped aquarium. We got there right when feeding time began. There's also a jellyfish bar and mermaid shows.

Ethel M Chocolate factory and Cactus Garden: Take a self-guided tour of the factory, sample free chocolates in the gift shop, and then walk around the cactus garden to burn off the calories.

Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat: My favorite part of this garden was seeing the dolphin sleep swim in the underwater viewing area. White tigers are also housed here.

Bodies.. The Exhibition: Like Body Worlds. If you haven't been to either, this is worth checking out. Take your kids here--if they're disturbed by the sight of the human body stripped down to muscles, bones, and nerve networks, forget about saving up for med school.

Mystere: My favorite Cirque du Soleil Show--another Vegas must see.

Bouchon Bakery: L.A.'s Bouchon doesn't have a bakery section (yet?) so if you're here, stock up on TK Oreos, macarons and croissants!

Bouchon carrot cake

Bouchon's Thomas Keller Oreo (TKO)

Sting ray feeding at Mermaid Lounge

Jelly fish bar at the Mermaid Lounge

Sleep Swimming Dolphin at the Secret Garden

The Liberace Museum

Ethel M Chocolate's Cactus Garden

Ethel M Chocolate's Gift Shop

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